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All The Facts, Remy Russian Hair Extensions

Russian hair extensions, also known as Remy Russian hair extensions, are known to be the high quality hair extensions on the market. The new look is totally committed to quality in every way, so we decided to look for the best possible Russian Remy hair for our clients.

Russian Hair Extensions Are The Best

Russian hair is considered to be one of the best textured hair types available, and anyone who comes in contact with it will confirm this. It is a cut above the others, and there is no doubt about it.

The hair is tangle-resistant, doesn't get tangled and lasts for more than two years - as long as you take care of it, of course!

You may hear various terms referring to different preparations and treatments of Russian hair. This is the main point:

Virgin hair

Remy Russian Hair Extensions

Virgin hair is simply human hair not treated with chemicals. It must have been collected from a single hair donor. If they are called virgin hair, they must be Remy hair that has not been dyed, permed, bleached or abruptly washed.

Virgin hair is not automatically Remy hair, of course, and virgin hair will never be very light blonde for this reason.

100% Russian double drawn hair

"Double drawn hair" means that all short lengths have been carefully and laboriously removed so that only the longest hair remains. This gives the Russian hair extensions a fuller and thicker appearance.

This is the most expensive hair because of the effort required to style all short hair. It takes a long time to pick up longer and better quality hair.

Remy Hair

#6 Medium Chestnut Brown hair clips

Remy hair is known as the best human hair available. This is due to the fact that the cuticles of the hair are kept intact.

Non-Remy extensions are often stripped of the cuticles, but with Remy hair, the cuticles are retained and all align in the same direction. This gives them the longest life and the most natural look possible.

Why is Remy hair so high quality?

The Russian diet has a lot to do with the quality of this hair. The area of Russia where it comes from also has something to do with it.

The Russian diet is generally rich in vitamins and nutrients, which is very beneficial to the hair and helps it grow long and strong with a lot of volume. The diet is also usually low in sugar, sodium and unhealthy processed animal fats.

Hair from Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan will not be of the same quality, as the diet is different. So if your Russian hair is marketed as Southern Russians, it may still be of decent quality but shouldn't be so expensive. Real Russian remy hair will come at premium prices that match the quality.

How can I say I'm buying real Russian hair?

We talk to many customers who are not sure if they are getting real hair offers from Remy from the irons they contacted. Since not all hair extension customers are going to know the difference, it's easy for them to be fooled. There are stories flying around about people who have been sold hair from other countries posing as Russian hair.

Russian hair can be shiny (in varying degrees), but shine does not guarantee that the hair is Russian. Any hair can be coated with silicone to make it shiny, and often it is. After a few washes, silicone-treated hair will become dull and dull, while Remy's hair won't.

Cost is a big indicator. One thing you should know is that due to the superior quality of real Russian hair extensions, you won't be able to find cheaper prices.

If the prices are similar to European, Chinese or Indian hair, this is a red flag. Hair from these countries is much easier to find and at much lower prices. Even the different lengths of genuine Russian hair should be priced differently, as you would expect.

With Russian hair, "competitive" prices are not easy to offer, and we know this for sure, because the genuine Remy hair we carefully purchase is expensive.

You can't buy this type of hair in bulk, quality Russian hair is a commodity, and that's the bottom line. In this sense, they are a bit like precious metals; like everything in life, you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

Russian hair will suit you?

Remy Russian Hair Extensions

Russian Remy hair has a naturally soft texture, with a silky, fluid quality that can't help but make anyone's hair look good. It's a great match for most Western hair types, and it's so fine that it's naturally found in the middle of your hair. If your hair is thick enough, we can simply add more extensions to match your natural thickness.

When wet, Russian hair is only slightly wavy, so it's ideal for people with naturally straight hair.

If you have a natural wave in your hair (like many of our clients) this hair will blend perfectly with yours. Whatever your hair type, with Russian hair you can expect a natural wave.

You can curl your Russian hair extensions whenever you want and it will hold your curls well. Sometimes it is recommended to braid the extensions when they are still wet to promote a nice natural wave when the braids are removed.