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Best Human Hair Weaves For Mixing Natural Hair

There is nothing that brings out the authentic look of a woman like when you use a weave that blends with natural hair. Natural hair, for many people is weak and as such, you can get more hair length by using a weave. If you want a beautiful look and style, here are some of the best weaves to mix with your natural hair.

If you are use to wearing wigs you may like our lace wigs. We have a list of quality wigs you will love with details to help you pick the right one.

7 Best Human Hair Weave for Blending Natural Hair

The best hair texture to mix natural and straight hair

For those who want a stylish and chic look, a natural straight hair bundle is a wonderful alternative to the curly look. As with curly hair weaves, it is important to leave enough natural hair to blend naturally with the hair extensions.

Mixing natural hair with straight weave means that you will probably have to use a flat iron to straighten your hair enough to blend in with the extensions. When choosing this option, be sure to adequately protect your hair before straightening it to minimize the damage that can occur with straightening.

It is a good idea to try to select a straight hair extension that has the same texture as your natural ironed hair.

Babylon Hair Do offers four types to choose from. The most popular is the Brazilian straight hair weave. Sewing on the weave gives a natural invisible part, in the technique of weaving the natural hair is woven and traces are created.

The best hair weave to mix the natural hair with the curly weave


One of the best aspects of having a curly hair texture is that you can choose the texture and curl pattern that suits you best. You can choose a weave style that matches your hair, or you can opt for a different curl pattern and texture.

Curls are great for women who want their hair to look natural but love the versatility of a style that offers longer lengths. There are different types of curly braids on the market. Mixing natural hair with extensions

The best human curly hair for sewing weave will be your best choice.

italy curly hair

Whether you are looking for a long curly hairstyle or a shorter, everyday one, you can find the perfect look with our selection of virgin curly human hair and curly collection: Brazilian curls, Indian curls, Malaysian curls, Malaysian curls and Peruvian curls.

With curly hair weave, you can have the freedom to change your look without the damage of perming and relaxing. Remember that it is a good idea to wait several weeks before installing the next weave.

You can learn more about our hair and the best way to style your lace wigs.

Best hair weave to mix natural hair with wavy weave

Brazilian Deep Wave

To blend the hair with the wavy texture, we suggest a nice twist.

To keep the mixture overnight, you can twist the hair into a bun. The technique works if you have relaxed hair or a natural hair pattern. Using some hair extensions mixed with natural hair

If you're looking for the best argument to combine it with your natural wavy hair Natural wavy hair styles are as varied as the women who wear them and changing your look can be fun. The texture of wavy hair is wonderful to help you achieve a great and stylish look.

The best hair texture to mix natural hair with curly and wavy texture.

3 Bundles Brazilian Jerry Curly Hair Weave With Closure details

If you want to improve the definition and volume of your hair, Kinky Curly is a good choice. Even if you don't have enough Brazilian curly texture. But Kinky Curly is similar to curly texture in terms of smoothness, hold and styling, and has extra coils and volume. No dyeing, no chemical treatment, easy to handle, and can be designed according to your needs.

You can combine our 3 curls with a zipper or front for your natural look. When you buy with Babylon Hair Do you can be sure you will only get the highest quality textures and hairstyles from the best brands.

The best hair texture to mix natural hair with a deep wave texture

Body Wave Virgin Human Hair

Deep-wave virgin hair has a very tight curl. This kind of curl is great for that tropical look. Deep-wave hair should be maintained and properly hydrated at all times.

Mix natural hair with extensions

The best way to mix deep wave virgin hair with your natural hair is to leave it unused overnight with your favorite products and unravel the morning.

Our Brazilian deep wave lace closure is the perfect choice if you want a natural looking part that will damage your natural hair. If your hair has been allowed or does not match the texture of the deep wave pattern, a deep wave lace closure would be a great option for you.

The best weave to blend natural hair with loose waves

Body Wave Virgin Human Hair Lace Closure Wigs

The main feature of loose wave hair is that its design is rather curly. Although the curls are narrow, they are very small and loose, as the name suggests.

Once installed on your natural hair the result will be very natural, shiny and soft. This type of hair is ideal for any face, because it has a playful and very feminine look.

Mix the natural hair of loose tissues

loose Body Wave Virgin Human Hair Lace Closure Wigs

Hair with loose waves is much more curly and wavy, if you want straight hair you prefer to stick to the body wave. If you want to buy loose wave hair for your new style, you can go to Babylon’s loose wave or deep wave hair collection to have a look.

The best weave to blend natural and blonde hair

blonde body wave hair

Looking for inspiration for your next visit to the salon? It's time for highlights. Brown hair with blonde highlights gives you the best of both worlds with its rich chestnut base and sun-kissed blonde touches.

Mix the weave with natural hair


Not to mention the fact that the possibilities are endless when you select the perfect blonde with a blend of brown hair to match your shade and personality.

You can get more beautiful hairstyles with blonde hair or highlights. Try to change your style! Be a beautiful and charming woman.

What is the best human hair weave to mix with natural hair?

It is so important that you should consider it:

Hair quality: Good quality human hair weave can be a bit expensive, but they are the best choice. Avoid synthetic hair weaves: Synthetic hair weaves may be cheap, but they have a greater drying effect on the hair than natural weaves.

Texture weave: Choose those that come as close as possible to the real texture of your hair. This limits the amount of handling that needs to be done on the hair to make it blend naturally. For curly hair, using smooth weaves and omitting a part of the hair to mix is a mistake.

3.Choose a mix of hair colors that is right for a natural look: Finally, if you want to experiment with different hair colors, but don't want to compromise on the natural, you should just opt for virgin hair tissues.

Buy the best human hair for weaving on the Babylon Hair Do Online website

Babylon offers the best selections of the best weave to mix natural velvets. With a natural human hair weave, you can have the best of both worlds. Whether you are looking for a long, luxurious hairstyle or a short, everyday hairstyle, you can find the perfect look with our selection of the Best Human Hair for Sew-in Weave.

There are different types of braided hair available, there are a variety of different textures and types of black girl weaving to choose from. The most common weave hair types are Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian and so on.

Each type of weave is characterized by a particular texture and is available in multiple wave patterns, including straight, wavy, deep wave or narrow curly.

Which is your favorite? Who will be my next new hair to transform? Hurry up!

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7 Easy Tips To Blend Your Weave Perfectly With Natural Hair

#1. Take note of the plot

Takes note of the structure

If you're going to mix your hair, this is the most important factor of all. Knowing the texture of your hair is essential to choosing a texture that matches your natural hair, otherwise the illusion will not work, because the extensions do not seem to come out of your scalp. In addition, the texture must complement your physical characteristics for optimal aesthetics.

Texture is one of the main things to consider before buying a weave, since an inadequate texture can completely ruin your look and make you look sticky.

#2. Pay attention to the hair material

If you want to get a more realistic look, then you have to choose a real human hair, because hair is made of real hair, so it can melt your hair naturally and you won't find it. Also, 100 human hair is very easy to care for, you can dye or style it yourself, it can last longer than others, although the price is more expensive than synthetic hair, it can give a better experience.

#3. Choosing the right hair color for a natural look

Choose the right hair color for a natural look

Finally, if you want to experiment with different hair colors, but don't want to make that commitment in your natural, just opt for virgin hair weave. By virgin hair braids, we mean braids made with hair from a human donor and are the best in terms of durability, as chemicals cannot survive the effects of hair dyes.

#4. You can twist the hair

Some experts recommend twisting or braiding the leaf with the hair extension as a great way to help your hair blend smoothly "especially if you are wearing a more perverse texture, make sure the ends of your short hair don't stick out of the extension which could be an easy gift to others that you are wearing extensions.

#5. Check the edges

Remember to check the outbound flight

An important thing when it comes to camouflage is to make sure you develop a stylish hairline. It will give you a more professional look. Having a smooth, sleek hairline is like the icing on the cake for a great weaving installation. It gives your hair a shiny, more professional look and can also help hide the traces placed around the perimeter of your head.

For many black girls, I think it's very important for them to blend the texture with the natural hair.

#6. Remember to check the departure flight

Virgin hair tends to frizz a little, making the separation of hair extensions and natural hair much more noticeable. Try using silicone glossers to help the texture of the silk and block out moisture to prevent frizz, so you can blend natural hair with the texture perfectly, why not?

#7. Condition your hair

Since you have permission, you will have no choice but to condition your hair frequently. Conditioning your hair prevents breakage and dryness. If you maintain the great condition of your hair, then it will continue to look its best.

We promise you that all our hair is 100% red hair, you can wash it, dye it, dry it and even get a perm if you want, just like you would with your own hair. As long as you keep your hair properly, it will retain its beauty and vitality.

We promise that we will be there to answer all your questions and that you will never feel lonely.