How to Thin Your Wig For A More Natural Look?

Wigs are versatile and available in many styles and colors, such as natural hair. If a wig has an exceptional style but looks or looks too thick, thinning is an option to provide a more elegant and natural look.

How to reduce weight for your wig

How to remove the wig? Usually, you have two options to thin the wig:

1. In a professional salon to find a great hairdresser or just do it yourself. An experienced stylist with wigs is exceptional, of course, but any hairdresser can handle the work, but this will cost a little. As we all know, the professional hairdresser is always expensive, right?

2. Could you ask yourself if it is possible to slim the wig yourself? While this can sometimes be difficult to do, slimming the wig can save you money. If you are sure of your skills, we can give you some useful advice.

Have you ever had a really thick and very dense wig around the hairline? The hairline is not as natural as you want. Babylon Hair Do will show you step by step how to change this situation.

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How to dilute a wig: things to prepare

If you decide to thin the cover head, you need scissors (scissors) or tweezers. Make sure you don't use regular scissors or you'll ruin the wig. The thin teeth in thinning scissors only reduce hair to create a realistic look. In addition, you need some necessary things like hair clips, brush, etc.

How to slim a wig yourself?

Now to start.

Determine where you want to lose volume, put on the wig and look in the mirror. Determine where you want to thin your hair and mentally observe how you want the wig to look. This helps you guide your work from the beginning.

Create a part where you want to work. Create a part in the hairstyle to isolate the area of ​​the wig in which you want to work. Place the front tooth of the comb or the precision tip against the scalp and then move the comb from front to back to divide the hair. Place a clip on the hair you don't focus on to fix it while working.

Get ready to remove. Hold a section of hair between your fingers and then squeeze the thinning scissors in that section. Use scissors as close as possible to the root to catch complete filaments. Continue holding the hair section and lower the scissors.

Remove excess hair. Combine through the section of hair that you hold in your hands to remove excess hair. The comb captures a small amount of hair released from the scissors.

Do the same process and keep plucking. Repeat steps 2-4 until all sections of your hairpiece you want to lose weight have been completed. Comb your hair for the last time and comb if necessary.

How to slim my wig to make it look more natural? The video will show how you can lose volume in a frontal or lace wig that is too thick or dense. This tutorial will help you get a natural-looking flat hair line for your lace wig.

italy curly hair

Tips and tricks.

Tip 1. When you are ready to start, place the wig on a stand or wig head. With a comb, cut the hair in equal parts. It is easier to administer in this way.

Tip 2. You should start from the top of the hair, not from the bottom. During thinning, we recommend that you stay with the middle part of the hair, not with the outer layers. Also, if you cut too close to the root, you will get short, plump hairs that stick up.

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Tip 3. If you find a layer that looks too blunt, twist your hair and cut it at a 45 degree angle to get a thinner appearance.

Tip 4: Always divide your hair into uniform sections and thin one section at a time, trying on the wig from time to time to see how much more thinning is needed or thinning the wig while on the head. Make sure you can easily reach the back of your hair or ask someone to help you get a uniform appearance around your head.

Tip 5: Try the wig and see how the density of your hair looks. Remember, you can always cut more hair, but you cannot add more hair. Take your time!

Frequently asked questions on how to thin the wig

1.Why should you slim the wig?

When it comes to wigs, more hair is better. After all, the client can always cut the hair, but cannot add it. Unfortunately, too much hair can cause that unnatural "sinuous" stereotypical appearance. In the same way, thick hair does not fit all faces, dense wigs are not for everyone and can be difficult to comb, so many women choose to thin the braids for a wig that looks more natural.

2. Can I lose my wig?

If you are not satisfied with the density of the wig, could you wonder if it is possible to lose weight? While this can be difficult sometimes, slimming the wig can save you money!

But if you are too heavy with cutting scissors, a replacement wig may cost more in the long run. If you are not sure, we always recommend that you bring your new wig to a professional hairdresser to be fashionable. In this way, you will avoid any disaster!

3. How do you thin the top of a wig?

You can apply the above method. Take a small piece of hair, hold the end of the hair and slide the tweezers over the hair.

If you do it for the first time, do it slowly and gently. After passing the tweezers down, gently pull the ends of the hair down and something will come out of your hand. You can continue using tweezers to remove all the hair you want! Do not forget to brush your hair and some additional pieces will fall out.

4. Is it suitable for other wigs in this way?

Yes. The wigs also usually have different styles and different types, such as full lace wigs, lace front wigs and 360 wigs, full lace wigs, all are hand tied wigs, lace front and 360 wigs will be made in half to Hand and half machine.

But all these styles can be used in the same way to lose weight and make it work for you.

Only for packages with closure or frontal, when you make wigs yourself, you can choose the density yourself.

Even if your hair is fine, you just want to add more density, maybe you can simply choose the tip of the hair, the hair with tape or the hair with tweezers will be fine. In this way, you can make your hair thicker and also save time to work it.